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Valentines Day Jewelry for Her

Valentines Day Jewelry. When I say this, the first thing that comes to mind for me are plastic cheap heart bracelets, red bangles, and sparkling cubic zirconia rings. As an adult if you're shopping a Valentines jewelry sale online, two of the aforementioned jewelry pieces need significant upgrading, while the other still remains elegant. Hopefully we can all agree that a beautiful cz engagement ring or cz cocktail ring will always be favorited jewelry pieces. However, if you need Valentines jewelry for her that's both unique, elegant, and inexpensive; this is my list of the best jewelry Valentines Day has to offer.

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Heart Custom Photo Bracelet

Custom heart necklace and custom photo necklace in the shape of a heart

Sterling Silver Custom Photo Necklace

Purple cz heart ring and amethyst heart ring at eves addiction

Cubic zirconia Heart Fashion Ring

Valentines Jewelry for Her

Before you run full tilt into the Valentine's Day jewelry for her list there are some important things about jewelry you should know. I want to share with you, as someone whose been selling jewelry a long time, what I see people do incorrectly every year. When you're an online jewelry company you see all of the good with the bad. The last-minute mistake jewelry purchases, the people who didn't consider the needs of whom they were purchasing for, and also the most frequently common simple mistakes that even a mother would make. There are many ways to make jewelry for valentines, which also means there are many ways to do it, well…not so well.

Most Common Mistakes:

  • • Not Considering Her Tastes
  • • Not Looking at Her Everyday Jewelry
  • • Asking for Dates Incorrectly
  • • Couples Rings for Early Relationships
  • • Misspelled Engravings
  • • Ordering Too Late

Not Considering Her Tastes

Yes when it comes to picking the best Valentines jewelry for women, this is a frequent mistake made by not only the boyfriends, but also mothers, fathers, and even best friends. Oddly enough when you make this common mistake, it's not because you don't love the person you purchased the gift for, and it's not because you don't know them well. Getting her jewelry tastes wrong, which is why she's not wearing your gift by the way, is ironically enough due to the fact that you know her so well! So now you're scratching you head in confusion, it is perplexing if you don't understand why this is the case. Psychologically speaking, the more you love someone, the more likely you are to purchase a gift for them that actually YOU would want. Subconsciously you're doing them a major nicety because the gift you purchased is something you yourself would prefer to have, and honestly, there's a good chance that it's probably more expensive as a result of that too. Hey, we spoil ourselves with nice custom made jewelry gifts right? I know I do, and my mother does, and all 8 of my aunts do too. In short, if you want to gift her the best Valentine's Day jewelry for her, separate yourself from the purchase as much as possible. Look at the jewelry pieces she wears every day. Is she wearing gold jewelry? Maybe she wears sterling silver jewelry more frequently? Some women love themed jewelry like Bohemian pieces, Grecian jewelry, or perhaps she even has an animal jewelry collection. The most important jewelry advice I have is to remember that it's about her. It doesn't matter if you literally hate the cubic zirconia alligator ring, if you know that's the Valentine's Day jewelry piece to make her gasp.

Sterling silver sea turtle ring and blue opal turtle ring at eves addiction

Opal Sterling Silver Turtle Ring

Wing earrings sterling silver with cubic zirconia wings from Eves Addiction

Sterling Silver Wing Earrings

Gold open cuff bracelet from eves addiction from gorjana jewelry on sale

gorjana Gold Grecian Cuff Bracelet

Not Looking at Her Everyday Jewelry

The second listed from our most frequent mistakes jewelry gift givers make every year? Not buying the type of jewelry item she already wears. I've asked men about this before, because it happens so frequently that there was obviously a reasoning behind it. Men, if you've only ever seen her wear stackable bangles and petite diamond rings, then why on earth did you buy her a huge cubic zirconia statement necklace? Don't misunderstand, at Eve's Addiction we love them. I myself have about five cz statement necklaces. I've heard a few different answers as to why this happens, but predominantly these four reasons rear their ugly heads the most. In all fairness to the men, and a few others who get it wrong they are.

Why He Bought You the Wrong Jewelry

  • • "I wanted to get her something she didn't already have"
  • • "A girl friend of mine says they're really popular"
  • • "She has one just like it, so I knew she'd like it"
  • • "It's in a different material than her other jewelry pieces"

Wow, what a field day we're about to have with this. Giving jewelry Valentines Day is supposed to be a way to express your individual love, adoration, and affection for a loved one. To start, it's great that you wanted to give her maybe a cubic zirconia eternity band because she doesn't have any jewelry bands, but that's also why you've only seen her wear it once. If you're loved one hasn't been seen wearing a cz fashion ring in a year, but wears a sapphire pear necklace every day, you should've stuck with the pear-shaped necklace. She's going to wear this type of gift once or twice, so as to not hurt your feelings, then you will never see it on her again. Sorry guys and gals, sometimes the truth hurts.

Number two from our mistakes in not seeing her everyday jewelry, is the recommendation from your friend. What is the importance of Valentine's Day gift giving? It means giving Valentines Day jewelry gifts that come from you. Gift delivery from you. Not gifts from Fred who brings the mail in the mornings, or Sarah who sits in the cubicle next to yours, and not the recommendations from Vogue magazine. Your custom Valentine's Day jewelry gift delivery is special because it's from you. Do you honestly want her to look down at her beautiful thin diamond ring every morning and think, "aww that Sarah, she knows what I like". I don't have to be next to you to see your look of disappointment right now, I know you're feeling it. That's what will happen if your gift comes from someone else. Are you thinking "if you don't tell her she won't know"? You underestimate us sir. We will…we will know.

For the third mistake when not noticing her everyday jewelry, this jewelry purchaser was almost there. It's a near hit and miss. You noticed she wears those dangle cz earrings every day, and you saw that she prefers sterling silver earring settings, and you even saw that they were pear-shaped earrings! Wow, you are a rock star boyfriend, mom, dad, or friend of the year! So you bought her the exact same pear in a slightly bigger size. The good news is, she's definitely going to wear your personalized Valentines jewelry gift, but the bad news is she's just going to occasionally switch it out with her favorite pair. I'm she will like them. Your lady friend will notice that you thought about what she likes and even paid attention to what she wears (major brownie points!). With that said, while she's slightly impressed, she will be underwhelmed by your lack of creative thought and effort. Sad day bae.

Last but not least, we have the person who picks a random piece from a Valentines Day jewelry sale because it was in a different material. There are many things wrong with this scenario. The first being that some women wear gold jewelry because they are allergic to sterling silver or even jewelry with nickel. She may wear rose gold jewelry because gold jewelry looks terrible on her skin tone (yes that is a real thing). If your Valentine's day jewelry purchase is for the woman who only has a rose gold jewelry collection, then stick to rose gold jewelry. This is not the place to be creative with your gift giving. You can be creative with the setting style, or the stones used, the placement of the architectural pieces, or engravings and custom cz stones. Don't switch materials, unless you're favorite thing about her jewelry is seeing it sit in the jewelry box.

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Custom Infinity Gold Birthstone Earrings

custom 3 stone birthstone ring online from eves addiction valentines jewelry

Custom 3 Stone Ring With CZ Birthstones

Best valentines day jewelry at eves addiction with a custom birthstones heart locket

Custom Birthstone Heart Locket

Asking for Dates Incorrectly

Now we come to some of the more typical and smaller mistakes. You picked the right jewelry for Valentines Day for her. It's in a style she likes, in in the gold plated jewelry material she prefers best, and though it's a similar style, it's a unique piece she doesn't yet have. Since you chose to get her an exceptionally unique Valentines Day jewelry gift, you wanted to get an engravement on your custom gold ring that has the date that she accomplished a grand feat. You engraved a ring with the date she gave you. So why is it wrong?! It's wrong because you should've asked her, and asked someone else. Here's what goes wrong that people aren't anticipating. You asked her what date she accomplished her grand goal, but she didn't know you wearing creating a custom ring for her online, so she said, "Oh its was April 3rd." Her real answer was, it was probably around April 3rd, because she was just thinking of the date off-handedly. If you want the right date for your custom ring engraving without telling her what her gift is, make sure to confirm with her husband, best friend, mother, someone who knows her well enough to find out with absolute 100% certainty that it is indeed the correct date.

Couples Rings for Early Relationships

Unless you're buying a custom couples ring for your own girlfriend of at least two years, or even a couples ring for your wife, we don't recommend it. Though most personalized couples rings, or custom promise rings are made by couples, sometimes people also make them as gifts for their loved ones. Sounds like a good idea to help someone remember their first Valentines Day together right? A nice custom made band or engraved promise ring for Valentine's Day really is a nice gift to give. The safety net on these custom gifts for Valentine's Day is dependent on how long the couple in question has been dating. If you're a new couple, or purchasing for a new couple, I would suggest a custom-made ring with just each of their own names on it, or a nickname, or even a date that's important to them individually. I wouldn't necessarily engrave both names on each of the couple's rings or the date of when they first started dating. If the pair has been dating two years or longer then more than likely you're ok with creating a personalized ring for each of them, or for yourselves if that's the case. Any relationship shorter than two years, and you or they, could potentially not get much use out of it.

Valentines day gifts engravable couples ring in sterling silver at eves addiction

Engravable Sterling Silver Band

Sterling silver open ring with engraved initial and cubic zirconia for valentines day gift

Custom Birthstone Initial Open Ring

Engravable couples ring for valentines day gifts for her at eves addiction

Engraved Couples Gold Ring

Misspelled Engravings

It's a minor flaw, but people make this common mistake every year. It's tragically unfortunate when you get her the perfect Valentines gift online and it's ruined with simple mistakes. Before you get on the phone to call a custom jewelry company to complain about your misspelled engraving, it's a very good idea to look up your e-mail receipt and look at exactly what it is that you typed in. A good company specializing in custom made jewelry will often catch when you've entered a misspelling, and they may call you to confirm that you actually wanted what you wrote. With that said, if your engraving is in Arabic, or has a hidden meaning, or a uniquely unknown nickname, this may not happen for you. Check your engraving not once, or twice, but three times, and make sure your custom Valentine's Day gift for her has been entered correctly at the checkout with all of your specialized preferences.

Custom name bar choker in rose gold for valentines day jewelry for her

Rose Gold Name Bar Choker

Custom latitude longitude bracelet for valentines day gifts for her at eves addiction

Custom Coordinates Latitude Longitude Bracelet

Sterling silver engravable initials open cuff bracelet, a valentines day gift for her

Double Engravable Signet Bracelet

Ordering Too Late

The best Valentines jewelry gift ideas may come with the very best intentions, but that hardly matters when your delivered gift arrives an entire week late. If you're ordering Valentine's Day gifts to be delivered on or by Valentine's Day, order them ahead of time. Even if a company offers a promise to deliver something at a specific time, there are many things that can't be controlled. For example, if the post offices lose or misplaces your package, that will delay a package's arrival. No business can exactly predict how many online custom jewelry orders will come in at one time. If a jewelry business becomes overwhelmed with orders, this will also delay your jewelry shipment. Consider all possibilities and to be entirely certain to obtain your package on time, plan ahead.

The Best Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift

So how do you ensure that you get the best jewelry for Valentine's Day for her? Follow this simple checklist to avoid mistakes and to make sure your Valentine gift is as wonderful as she is.

  • • Note her fashion tastes first
  • • Know what type of jewelry she wears everyday
  • • Leave couples rings to the couples
  • • Double check engraved dates with at least 2 people
  • • Check your personalized options 3 times
  • • Order early!

For more Valentines jewelry gift ideas visit our custom gifts section and choose something unique and special for her today!

Engravable silver heart necklace at eves addiction for valentines day gifts for her

Silver Engravable Heart Necklace

Engravable monogram bracelet sterling silver for a unique valentine's day gift for her

Engravable Monogram Bracelet in Silver

Custom 4 stone birthstone necklace tree a beautiful valentines day gift for her

4 Stone Tree Birthstone Necklace