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The Different Types of Engagement Ring Settings

A diamond or cubic zirconia engagement ring represents love, commitment and an intention to spend eternity together as a married couple. As you choose a special ring that your beloved will treasure, consider the many types of settings available.

Rim Set

A rim setting is similar to a bezel setting, with the stone secured within a thin metal rim. However, the stone is set directly into the metal using a drill hole, and the rim is graved onto the stone from the metal. The technique gives the effect of the stone appearing to be pressed into the metal.

Trellis Set

Viewed from above, a trellis setting looks like a typical prong setting. When viewed from the side, however, four interlaced prongs add a beautifully designed elegance.

Cluster Set

Cluster settings feature a grouping of several smaller stones surrounding a larger center stone, giving the look of one large stone.

Flush set

In a flush setting, stones are embedded into the band, providing a contemporary look. Flush-set stones are well-protected, since they are flush with your ring band.

Tension Set

Tension settings show off beautiful stones to great effect. In a tension setting, the stone appears to float within the metal that holds it in place.

Invisible Set

The invisible setting is a modern technique using specially grooved princess cuts that can be secured from underneath the stone. As a result, no hardware or prongs are visible around your stone.

Choose your setting, seal your promise

With a variety of beautiful settings available, your engagement rings is sure to be unique. Choose an engagement ring setting that best represents your commitment and that your beloved will enjoy wearing for many decades.

Eve's Addiction invites you to shop all Engagement Ring settings and styles, to find the ideal ring to pop the question.


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