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What Happens When You Ask Her To Be A Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid jewelry is more than just a gift, it’s a memento from a once in a lifetime occasion. Why do your ladies deserve bridesmaids jewelry? We’ve all seen it whether it was from our own experience, listening to a friend, or learning from mere observation. The multitude of reactions surrounding the "bridesmaid ask" is colorful and varied. Depending on your perspective, you may be surprised to hear that most bridesmaids react one of two different ways to being asked to become a bridesmaid.

You have the friend whose secretly been planning this day since you were children. You don’t know it yet, but she’s already picked out your flowers, whittled out all the men you’ve previously dated, and picked your wedding colors and cake. When you got engaged, it was merely a formality that you asked her to be a bridesmaid, while she was already searching for the best wedding venues in your area. With pencil in hand and bride catalogues spread across the floor, she was patiently awaiting this day with a hopeful heart. She’s probably even picked out the bridesmaid necklaces that she thinks you should buy.

On the opposite spectrum of that, we have a very different bridesmaid’s reaction. The friend who hopes and prays that you’ve forgotten that she’s available on your wedding day. Though she cherishes your friendship, the idea of a poorly chosen bridesmaids dress leaves her slinking about amongst the shadows. When you finally ask her, she loves you, so she forces a grin and immediately says yes. Thus you have your interesting trio of little wedding helpers finally united. A blushing and rosy bride, her fussy management bridesmaid, and of course, a sad Eeyore-rendition of a bridesmaid eerily sulking in the corner. No matter how you look at it, this is why you should invest n some nice jewelry gifts for bridesmaids participating in your wedding. Regardless of their reaction, they’re pulling out all the stops to either create, or tolerate, your wedding day planning.

Jewelry For Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

It’s customary to honor your girl group for their love, help, and dedication on your special day with special bridesmaids gifts. You should treat your girl-posse on your wedding day either before the wedding starts, or at the party afterwards, with customizable bridesmaids gifts. Finding cheap bridesmaids gifts online is easy, but wouldn’t you rather give them gifts that they’ll actually want to wear more than, like once? These high quality real bridesmaids jewelry and inexpensive bridesmaids gifts won’t hurt your pocket book, or sit dormant in your friend’s jewelry box for all of eternity. With customized bridesmaids gifts in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold, the choices are endless. They’re all flying in, wearing the dress you picked (hopefully sans frills), and keeping your jitters at bay, so treat them to the best custom made bridesmaid jewelry gifts to show your love and gratitude.

15 Jewelry Ideas For Bridesmaid’s Gifts

Bridesmaid Name Bar Necklaces

Custom made name bar necklaces for bridesmaids are excellent custom-made gift options. We always recommend the personalized necklaces for bridesmaids first because they’re the easiest gifts to order, meaning you don’t need to worry about sizing and fit. Custom-made bracelets are easy too, but necklaces are an absolute no-brainer. Engravable sterling silver name bar necklaces, gold, and rose gold necklaces are all available. You could get your bridesmaids name bar necklace sets all in the same material, or mix it up if you think they would each prefer a different type. The bridesmaid birthstone name bar necklace gives you further opportunity to personalize her gift by adding her birthstone, or the stone of the month you chose for your wedding day. Feel free to mix things up.

Coordinates Bracelets For Bridesmaids

If you haven’t seen custom made coordinates bracelets then you’ve been living under a rock, or avoiding every social media outlet that exists. These custom coordinates bracelets come in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold varieties. This is one of our favorite bridesmaid jewelry gifts ideas. This design utilizes a very popular jewelry trend while incorporating a very specific thing about your wedding day, the actual GPS coordinates of the location! It’s easy to have these gifts made for bridesmaids helping to create your special wedding experience. Simply enter in the address on the product page, and your location’s gps coordinates will pop up on the map. That’s all you have to do. Have your bridesmaid bracelets personalized even further if you choose to engrave the inside too. You could engrave both yourself and your spouse’s names onto the inside as a reminder of the day your two hearts became one.

Engravable Jewelry Box For Bridesmaids

When one is über fashionable, the newly acquired diva problems never cease. What are your lovely ladies to do now that they have all of this luxury jewelry for bridesmaids? Alas, being ever-wonderful can be rough on a gal’. A bridesmaid gift jewelry box is clearly needed. Why settle for plain sterling silver jewelry boxes when you can personally create a unique design for each of the women close to you? You can write a full message and apply it to all of their bridesmaid gifts, or even write a personalized message that’s different for each of them. With cute gift boxes for bridesmaids you could even present each of them with their jewelry gifts already. Trust us when we say that these bridesmaid jewelry boxes will impress.

Bridesmaid Cubic Zirconia Studs

For a simple bridesmaid gift that everyone can enjoy, get all of them some beautiful cz studs. You can either gift them the bridesmaids earrings after the wedding, or even the morning of the happy occasion, and ask them all to wear them for the ceremony. All of these cz bridesmaids earrings come with cubic zirconia stones that are set in real .925 sterling silver. This is important in case anyone in your wedding party is allergic to fake metals or cheap materials. Besides that, it’s also just nicer to give them a high-quality gift versus something that’s just cheap. All of these bridesmaid earrings are inexpensive, ship in 24 hours or less, and come with real jewelry settings. Simply chose whether you prefer square, round, princess cut, or oval cz stud earrings.

Bridesmaids Silver Hoop Earrings

When all else fails, silver hoop earrings are always a traditional choice. There’s a reason these sterling silver hoop earrings have never gone out of fashion. Every woman loves real hoop earrings because they go with everything from jeans to date dresses, they don’t irritate the skin, and they’re not that expensive. Depending on the size that you choose, you can get hoop earrings in silver as low as $20, to intricately large designs ranging anywhere from $50 to $80. Gift your bridesmaids silver hoop earrings as a special thank you for not just their participation at your wedding, but also their friendship. A far as cheap bridesmaid gifts jewelry that you could give, finding a pair of authentic silver hoop earrings for $20 is an absolute steal.

Monogram Bridesmaid Necklace I Couldn’t Say I Do

Let your bridesmaid know I couldn’t say "I do" without you! by giving them each a monogram bridesmaids necklace featuring their own initials. This custom made bridesmaid gift comes on a little card with a touching phrase printed right on the front to tell them how special their participation is to you. This gold bridesmaid monogram necklace has a quality real sterling silver base and is 16 inches long. Custom bridesmaid monogram jewelry gives you the chance to give your lovely gaggle of girls a popular on-trend jewelry piece that they’ll enjoy wearing time and time again. Unless they tell someone who asks that it’s from your wedding and has special meaning, everyone will assume that they’re just a brilliant fashionista who knows what’s trending right now.

Pea in the Pod Jewelry For Bridesmaids

For the brides whose bridemaids are all close and know each other well, gift them peas in a pod necklaces. There are 2, 3, 4, and 5 pea in a pod necklaces to choose from. You can even customize your pea in the pod jewelry by birthstone colors if you want too. If you have 2 – 5 women for your bridesmaids and you’re all very close, then gift them something that represents each of them all together forever. A pea in the pod necklace gift is for the closest of your very best friends. You won’t have to say anything when they open it, they already know that you’re both peas in a pod.

Wedding CZ Anklets

For something completely different and unexpected, give anklets as jewelry for your bridesmaids! These fun cz anklets will look beautiful under their dresses and paired with their heels. They can still wear their favorite wedding day jewelry, or other pieces that you’ve picked out, but have matching anklet bracelets. They’ll love them and your attendees will love that you’ve incorporated something different and fun into the wedding attire. Choose jewelry gifts for bridesmaids with colored anklets, cz anklets, and heart anklet designs. There are many options so that you can match your wedding theme to your bridesmaid’s jewelry.

Round 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Stone Birthstone Bracelets

These sterling silver, rose gold, and gold birthstone bracelets for bridesmaids are another great option for any group of women who are close. Give each of them a custom-made bridesmaid bracelet that has a birthstone to represent each of their birth months. This is an excellent gift idea for bridesmaids who are very close and are good friends all year around, not just on your wedding day. You don’t want your bridesmaids leaving the wedding with a random stranger’s birthstone on their bracelet, that would be awkward for them. Reserve this gift for your life-long friends and closest ladies. Just like the famous movie "The First Wives Club", where they’re all brought together again by their pearl necklaces, you will be forever bound by your bridesmaid birthstone bracelets. Go ahead and create fond memories for when you’re older and want something to sweetly reminisce about.

Unique Silver Rings Bridesmaids Gifts

Not so much into the customizable bridesmaid gift options? Maybe you’re too busy wedding planning or simply enjoy other designs better? If you’re swamped with wedding planning and need something quickly that’s still beautiful, consider ordering some unique silver rings. Not only are these excellent inexpensive bridesmaids gifts, but it’s an enjoyable jewelry piece that they can easily wear every day. It’s up to you whether or not you do all the same sterling silver ring, or mix and match to give each bridesmaid a unique silver ring of her own. For very high quality cheap bridesmaids gifts, sterling silver rings should meet all of your needs. Unique silver rings ship quickly, pair well with every outfit, don’t irritate the skin, and are cost-affective for you. It also doesn’t hurt that there are hundreds of different ones to choose from. If your money is tight (understandably so while paying for a wedding), this is the best way to give them a quality, real jewelry gift that won’t break the bank. Quality made .925 sterling silver jewelry rings will last them a lifetime.

Monogrammed Coffee Mugs Bridesmaid Gifts

A monogram coffee travel mug or monogram coffee mug will be a great way for them to start their week post-wedding party. It’s always hard after a great wedding party to get up early for work the next morning. A monogrammed travel mug made just for them will make that morning wakeup call slightly less painful, and also keep the party going! Custom monogrammed mugs are something they can use every morning whether they drink coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in winter. If you really want a functional bridesmaid gift for each of your special ladies, these customized monogram mugs will do the trick. You may also have bridesmaids who just don’t wear jewelry, if so, then giving them a personalized gift in this way will include them and show how well you knows their tastes too.

Engraved Knife Gift For Bridesmaids

Hey, not every lady is a damsel in distress. If you’re wedding party is full of get-it-done, taking care of business, or strong women in control, why not give them an engravable pocket knife to match that stellar strong attitude? Have a knife engraved online as a gift for each of your girls, and surprise them with the most utilitarian purse item they’ve ever experienced. This unusual bridesmaid gift will have them ultra-prepared for your day. Whether worn on a garter or inside a satin handbag, they’ll be ready to cut those loose wedding dress strands, help you open packages like a beast, and if need be, cut the cake. Engrave a pocket knife online for each and every one of them and your gorgeous wedding day bridesmaids will be beautifully lethal.

Personalized Acrylic Coasters Bridesmaid Gifts

Make some personalized acrylic coasters for your bridesmaids using either your new family name or adding their own names. You can choose between custom engraving options to add your family name, or simple yet elegant monogram styles that use their names. With custom made coasters with multiple design patterns, you can really get playful with your gift.

Floating Locket Necklaces For Bridesmaids

Not only are floating locket necklaces very trendy and popular right now, they’re also a great gift to customize specifically to each one of the women in your bridal party. From custom photos, stars, trees, hearts, ribbons, name plates, and more, there’s a very unique floating locket necklace for everyone. These are fun and unique bridesmaids gifts because you can give them each essentially the same thing, but it will be custom tailored to things about them that you find memorable. With the other bridesmaid jewelry pieces you typically add their names, or engrave a phrase, or add birthstones. With personalized floating locket jewelry you have to pick items that show how well you know her. Show each of them just how close you are by nailing their favorite things inside a floating locket necklace. These are very fun to wear every day, and they make great conversation starters amongst strangers. Floating locket necklace designs are available in steel, sterling silver, and gold.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Sets

You could also gift your bridesmaids each with a jewelry gift set in bulk. They could wear these bridesmaids jewelry sets for your wedding day or just have them for special occasions. Popular choices are rose gold, ruby, flower, cz, and pearl bridesmaids jewelry sets. A starfish jewelry set would be perfect for beach-side weddings, while a pearl bridesmaid set would be ideal for traditional wedding settings. These high quality bridesmaid jewelry sets are inexpensive and can potentially remove some stress from your special ladies on your big day. Instead of having them shop for costume jewelry you could save them time, money, and effort, by gifting them wedding jewelry sets instead. This also takes care of your gift shopping for them. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Bridesmaids Gift Jewelry

From cheap bridesmaid jewelry to luxury, and unusual bridesmaids gifts, your choices are wide and varied. Only you know your best friends and what jewelry would suit them best. We hope you’ve enjoyed our recommendations of the best jewelry for bridesmaids for your very special day. Getting a great wedding jewelry set for bridesmaids online is fast and will save you much needed time and effort while you’re planning out your wedding day. If you do have a little bit of wiggle room then we highly recommend the custom-made bridesmaid gifts. No matter what you end up choosing, just remember that your best friends and loved ones will be happy to share this once in a lifetime moment with you.