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Shop by Carat Size

About Cubic Zirconia Carat Sizes

Fake Diamond Cubic Zirconia Rings are a popular alternative to real diamond rings. Though man-made, cubic zirconia stones are still brilliant and flawless in quality. You can still find cz stones cut in the same styles as a diamond. Eve's Addiction carries a large variety of round stones and pear stones, plus a number of other diamond cuts – marquise stones, oval stones, traditional emerald cut stones, radiant emerald cut stones, princess cut stones (or square cut stones), heart shaped stones, and triangle stones.

With all the different stone cuts for cz jewelry, also carries several cubic zirconia carat sizes. So, whether looking for a simple fake diamond cubic zirconia engagement ring, a larger than 5 carat cz engagement ring, 1 carat fake diamond ring, or a brilliant cut cz engagement ring, you're sure to find it within our Shop by Carat Size ring department.

Many popular celebrities wear large carat stones, like Paris Hilton, so why not steal the red carpet style in an affordable way with a large Paris Hilton Diamond CZ Engagement Ring, or a yellow cubic zirconium engagement ring. Check out the 3 carat stone rings for the Britney Spears Replica Engagement Ring or the 1 carat stone rings for the cubic zirconium Jennifer Aniston Replica CZ Engagement Ring or the 2 carat Katherine Heigl Inspired Pear Cut CZ Sterling Silver Engagement Ring. Even better, take a gander at the gorgeous 4 carat cubic zirconia and sterling silver emerald cut fake diamond ring inspired by Eva Longoria's engagement ring.

Whatever the reason for your search, whether it's for an affordable engagement ring, a replacement wedding ring set, or just to own a sparkling diamond-like ring, our Shop by Carat Size department features some of the best and hottest silver cubic zirconia rings for your cubic zirconia jewelry collection.

And why stop at just rings?! Check out our selection of cubic zirconia necklaces, cz earrings, and fake diamond cz tennis bracelets. Perfect for affordable bridal jewelry and as a gift!

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