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Custom Logo & Sport Team Engraving

If you are interested in information, or to place an order for a specialized engraving,
please call us at 1-800-679-3837 to speak with a representitive.

Custom Engravings

Customized jewelry is a great way to stand out, or make someone feel special. We are now offering more options than ever to help you get that specialized gift, or that piece that will get you noticed! In addition to the traditional engravings of numbers, letters, and standard images, we now have an engraving option available for your own images! Whether you are an artist and want to immortalize your best piece, or your child's first signature, or your family's coat of arms, we can engrave it for you! If you're a member of a club, corporation, fraternity or sorority you can now have your logo, mascot or insignia emblazoned on one of our pieces to commemorate a special event, or just to show your school spirit! We've made this potentially arduous process pain free! All you need to do is fill out our Custom Engraving Form, send us an image and give us a call! With a minimal set up fee, each piece can be engraved for $7 one sided, or $12 two sided - what a steal! In addition to the inexpensive engraving charges, on larger orders we will even waive the set up fee. If you're looking for a special gift for one person, or for a whole group of people, you can't get much more unique and personal than designing the gift yourself!


Get your favorite school mascot engraved on a dog tag to commemorate that perfect season. Or, if you have a special team mascot, engrave a piece to create a special keepsake that will be treasured for years to come! Just for you, or for the whole team, this is a great way to bolster school pride! Also, if you're a member of a league with your own special logo or mascot, engraved jewelry is a great way to bring teammates closer off the playing field.

Corporate Logos

Hitting that company anniversary, or a landmark quarter? What better way than to commemorate it with a specially engraved piece with your company logo, date and event to give to everyone involved! Whether you want to commemorate the whole team, or just certain key personnel, your company logo is the way to go.


Certain clubs are easily commemorated, with popular logos, like a sports team. But, not everyone one is a member of those, and we believe every member of any club should feel special! Perfect for a book club, garden club, fitness club, gun club, sewing club, bird watching club - you design it, we can engrave it! Now, you can create a gift for that special someone who has that hobby that you never know how to celebrate!


Anyone looking to pass out an award knows that the more unique it is, the more memorable and special it becomes. Promotions, graduations, honor roll, winning a competition, all of these deserve special awards, and with this new engraving option, you can design your own! Maybe you want just the date and company logo, or perhaps something that means a little more. If there is a special emblem that appears on the paper version of an award, this is a great way to make it a more lasting, more wearable certificate of achievement.


Or try our online engraver with over 100 engravable images

*Please note we will not engrave any trademarked images such as professional sports logos, movie characters, or merchandise name brands*