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About Pearls

The Pearl – A Natural Wonder- The Queen of Gems
The pearl possesses a distinctly feminine charm and mystique.
The pearl is unique among all the gemstones in the world.
It is the only gem that is grown inside a living organism.

Pearls are exciting to look at, hold in your hand, and most important to wear or to give as a gift to those wonderful women in our lives.

In order to appreciate the beauty of our freshwater pearl jewelry, would like to give you some basic information about pearls.

We will use the word “freshwater” and “cultured” in our descriptions of our pearl jewelry. Freshwater pearls come mostly from the rivers and bays of China, Japan and the United States. They are different than saltwater pearls due to their different shapes, and types of luster. They are less expensive than saltwater pearls, but just as beautiful and more creative.
Natural pearls are formed when an irritant – a piece of shell, a scale, a grain of sand, becomes lodged inside an oyster or mollusk. It forms a nucleus that is coated over several years with layers of nacre (the crystalline substance that forms the pearl) inside the mollusk. The size and shape of the nucleus and the region of the waters where the mollusk lives all affect the size, color and shape of the pearl.

Today, natural pearls are quite rare. Only one in 10,000 “wild” mollusks will yield a pearl, and of those only a handful would be perfect. This is why most pearls today are “cultured”.
Cultured pearls are helped along by man. Technicians open the live mollusk gently, then they surgically implant a small polished shell bead and piece of irritant in each. The shell bead is the nucleus around which the oyster secretes layer after layer of nacre. They are nurtured along for over three years until the pearls are ready to harvest.

Five point criteria to determine the value of pearls:
1) Size – Like all gems, the larger the pearl, the higher the value.
2) Shape – Freshwater pearls come in many shapes. They may be round, pear, egg or teardrop shaped. Irregularly shaped pearls are called baroque pearls, tiny pearls are called seed pearls. The rounder the pearl, the more valuable it is.
3) Luster – The luster should be luminous and deep-seated, not just on the surface.
4) Color – Pearls come in a wide variety of colors, including several shades of white. Rose, pink or blush pearls are very popular along with white, but the best hue is one that suits the individuals skin color and hair.
5) Surface – The surface should be smooth and free of large blemishes or roughness. will only sell freshwater pearls of high quality.

Caring for Your Pearls
Cultured pearls are softer than other gemstones and metals. Always keep your pearl jewelry in the pouch that we provide you with your purchase. They should always be separated from your other jewelry.

Put your pearl jewelry on your body after applying makeup or sprays. Chemicals can dull the luster of the pearls. Clean them with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. If you do get a build-up of body oil on them, you may use a mild soap combined with the dampened cloth. If ever in doubt about cleaning them, visit a reputable jeweler for advise.

Proper care of your pearl jewelry will ensure that they will remain beautiful for generations to come. Pearls are classic, feminine and intriguing. Wear them often!