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Amber Jewelry

Experience good luck through the warm colors of amber with our new Amber Jewelry Collection, including amber rings, genuine amber necklaces, and green amber rings! When light hits the amber jewelry, you will see coloring effects made possible by the process of exposing the stone to high levels of heat. The amber creates bubbles, known as "scales", that give the stone even more color than its natural form, allowing an adorning look for any wearer. Our Genuine Baltic Amber necklaces, earrings, and rings, such as the popular Genuine Green Baltic Amber Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring, can be matched together for the perfect look!

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About Amber Jewelry

Amber is a mineral that has been appreciated worldwide for its natural beauty and color and found in the Baltic regions of Poland and Russia. Amber is most commonly used for perfume ingredients, healing aids in medication, and our favorite - jewelry, including amber rings, amber earrings, and amber necklaces. Amber comes in a variety of colors that can all be well matched together. For example, match our Large Oval Ornate Vintage Style Baltic Amber Ring with our Victorian Style Oval Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Pendant. Although the amber ring and amber necklace are different shades, they still match each other beautifully, creating a stunning look for any woman. The most common and associated color with Genuine Baltic Amber is the yellow-orange brown shade, found in many amber earrings and other jewelry pieces. This shade varies anywhere from a paler yellow/white color to brown and sometimes black. The most uncommon and desired colors include red, blue, and green amber. The green amber is an especially beautiful shade because of the natural earthy essence it gives off, which can be well seen in our Green Baltic Amber Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Pendant, allowing natural beauty to come out when worn.

History of Amber Jewelry

In Northern Europe, the sciadopityaceae plant, also known as the Japanese Umbrella-Pin, fossilized its resin, creating what we know today as the mineral of Genuine Baltic Amber. This amber has been present since the New Stone Era, or Neolithic Age. Originally, Amber was mainly used to its preserved form, able to preserve un-fossilized parts of organisms literally inside of the mineral and visible from the outside. Today, Amber is most commonly used for perfume ingredients, healing aids in medication, and our favorite, jewelry, such as the desired Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Sun Pendant, burning with perfection. Get your own slice of perfection with this exquisite sun amber necklace!

How to Wear Amber Jewelry

Baltic amber has many mythical properties. It has been said Baltic amber jewelry attracts spiritual forces and bonds soul mates and family. In addition, amber will bring success, help with personal internal matters, enhance your artistic self, help overcome hard obstacles, and convey harmony with one’s self and others. With this being said, bring yourself some harmony and success by pairing our genuine amber rings, necklaces, and earrings, including but not limited to rare green amber jewelry, for a look that will guarantee happiness, beauty, and strength for anyone who wears this bold amber earring, amber necklace, and amber ring style!