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Shamballa Style Bracelets

Get the look for less with designer inspired Shamballa style bracelets. These beaded bracelets add color, style, and sparkle to your everyday look. It's been known that the Shamballa bracelet meaning has been derived from Buddhist philosophies of peace and harmony, making it a great gift for the down to earth woman or man! A black beaded bracelet is a great Shamballa style bracelet for men, but Eve's Addiction offers dozens of styles to be worn for a layered look. Shop these trendy bracelets today to keep up with the trend!

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Shamballa Bracelets & Shamballa Beads

Shamballa bracelets originate from jewelry store owner Mads Kornerup when he opened up his Paris shop, selling Tibetan and Indian inspired jewelry. The Shamballa jewellery, specifically the Shamballa bracelets, are supposed to be an extension of a person's self and personality, lessons that can be learned through yoga and meditation. Each Shamballa bead symbolizes some sort of harmony, enlightenment and celestial philosophy, connecting the individual to the creative forces of the universe. These bracelets are sometimes spelled Shambhala; after ancient Buddhist traditions, but whether you appreciate the ideals of Western philosophy or just love the design of these bracelets, Shamballa macrame bracelets are a stunning new jewelry style that we recommend to any man or woman.

Many people wonder how to make a Shamballa bracelet. Each bead is braided into the black, red, or pink strings of the adjustable bracelet to create an eye catching style that can be worn to any formal or casual event. Real Shamballa bracelets come with a hefty price tag, but for a cheap Shamballa bracelet alternative, you can sport your Shamballa style bracelet from EvesAddiction.com.