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Custom Birthstone Rings

Eve's Addiction collection of custom birthstone rings are the perfect gift to send to someone you love. Whether you're looking for custom mother's birthstone rings, Grandma rings or couple's rings, our high quality birthstone rings are the ideal choice. Each ring is personalized with your choice of every birthstone color, and the number of birthstones you would like. A selection of birthstone rings are available to be engraved, so you can place a personal message on the inside or the outside of the ring!

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Engraved Birthstone Rings

Birthstones are the perfect way to make a jewelry piece extra special and sentimental. Our silver birthstone rings are crafted from fine .925 sterling silver and make the perfect gift. Couple's birthstone rings will allow you to keep that special someone close to your heart. For Mother's Day or a birthday, consider a mother's ring, to make sure Mom never feels alone. Mother's rings are a beautiful way to say, "We love you, Mom". We offer all the birthstone colors, from aquamarine to diamond; our birthstone jewelry is sure to please. We also offer a collection of Grandmother's rings - place a birthstone of all her grandchildren on the ring to make it special. All rings are made unique when you add meaningful birthstones.

Birthstone Colors


  • January Birthstone is Garnet Red January Birthstone | Garnet Red
  • February Birthstone is Amethyst February Birthstone | Amethyst
  • March Birthstone is Aquamarine Blue March Birthstone | Aquamarine
  • April Birthstone is Clear Diamond April Birthstone | Diamond/Clear
  • May Birthstone is Emerald Green May Birthstone | Emerald Green
  • June Birthstone is Alexandrite June Birthstone | Alexandrite
  • July Birthstone is Ruby Red July Birthstone | Ruby Red
  • August Birthstone is Peridot Green August Birthstone | Peridot Green
  • September Birthstone is Sapphire Blue September Birthstone | Sapphire Blue
  • October Birthstone is Pink October Birthstone | Pink
  • November Birthstone is Citrine November Birthstone | Citrine
  • December Birthstone is Blue Zircon December Birthstone | Zircon Blue