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Oriana Beads fits Pandora

Eve's Addiction offers a variety of Oriana beads, which are compatible with Pandora bracelets for you to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. Browse our collection of Pandora like charms including love beads, animal beads, and alphabet beads. We offer a make your own bracelet option, by easily adding in one bead or multiple beads to an Oriana sterling silver bracelet. All of our beads for bracelets are Pandora compatible and are the perfect gift!

Oriana Charms for Pandora Bracelets

Pandora style charms are one of the best ways to express your personality, and a unique, personalized Oriana charm bracelet can really display who you are! Our collection of Oriana Charms & Beads is the perfect, affordable alternative to Pandora style beads and a great way to reflect who you are. Most popular brands of charms bracelets, including Pandora, Troll, Chamilia and Biagi can cost hundreds of dollars for one complete bracelet - but our personalized Oriana charms and beads are super cheap and as low as $7.95 a bead!

Eve's Addiction's Oriana charms and beads are rhodium-plated brass, some with hand set crystals, or hand blown glass, and come in over 600 styles! We offer numerous charms for bracelets, including sports charms, zodiac beads, birthstone charms, animal beads, alphabet beads, and spacer beads. All of these options mean that no two bracelets will be identical! Each bead is compatible with your existing Pandora bracelet, Troll bracelet, Chamilia bracelet, or Biagi charm bracelets and necklaces. You can also fit Pandora beads on any of our Oriana bracelets or necklaces!

Shopping for unique and personalized jewelry with Pandora or Chamilia can get expensive, fast. Our collection of Oriana charms for Pandora bracelets makes expanding your charm and bead collection simple, easy, and cheap! Our beads are priced as low as $8.95 each! We offer a toggle bracelet and necklace, keychain, earrings and watch so you can create a complete look that is totally your own. Our necklace base is available in 16 or 18 inches, while our charm bracelet is available in 6.5, 7, 7.5 and 8 inches - so you'll have no trouble getting a piece that fits you!

These unique, whimsical charms always make a great gift. Whether you're looking for a small gift or a personalized style for yourself, Oriana bracelet charms are just what you're looking for. A single dangle charms or a fully loaded Italian charm bead bracelet makes a great gift for a special occasion, or just because you're feeling generous. And, because our charms and beads are compatible with all the big brands. It won't matter if you're buying for someone who has already started a collection, they'll be able to add these beautiful Oriana beads to their look!

So, no matter the reason, our Oriana charms for bracelets are always a great gift idea for anyone! With our collection of beautiful beads and charms starting at under $10 there's something for everyone. If you love the eclectic, personalized look of Pandora bead charms, you won't believe the styles and prices you'll find in our collection of beautiful Oriana beads. Go ahead, begin shopping, and you'll develop a collection of your own that truly reflects who you are and who you want to be.

Pandora Charm and Bead Bracelet Compatible

Cheap beads are hard to find, but if you're looking to add charms for Pandora bracelets, these Oriana beads are just what you need! Each charm is compatible with Pandora bracelets, or Pandora bead necklaces, making it a great gift for anyone you know who is already collecting beads for bracelets. Glass charms add a beautiful splash of color to any bracelet. Pandora glass beads are expensive, but we have a solution - our Oriana glass beads are hand blown, and just as beautiful, but only a fraction of their price. Our Oriana charm bracelets are also compatible with Pandora beads, meaning that if you don't yet own a necklace or bracelet chain, you can purchase it here, at a fraction of the price! Pandora beads and Pandora charm bracelets are beautiful, but expensive. Our Oriana beads and charm bracelets are a great alternative, which make a great addition to your Pandora Jewelry collection, or a great collection on their own.