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Key To My Heart Jewelry

Keep your secrets close with our selection of key to my heart jewelry! We offer a wide selection of key jewelry, key and lock jewelry, and other popular styles of Heart Key Jewelry. Choose a sparkling key pendant, a key and heart charm bracelet, or a pretty locket necklace engraved with your name!

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Key Necklaces and Pendants

As a growing trend, key necklaces are a simple, but unique, new style of silver jewelry. Eve's Addiction offers many styles of key pendants, including sterling silver and cubic zirconia, vintage style, and designer style key necklaces so you can find the style you like best.

The best thing about key necklaces is that you can wear them in a layered fashion. Select a vintage style cz key pendants, Tiffany Style key necklace, and a heart shaped skeleton key necklace to create your own personalized key set! Wear them on one chain or several chains and use one or more keys that you can wear for any occasion. This style of sterling silver key pendants will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe to complete any outfit.

Even some of your favorite celebrities are wearing key jewelry. Key necklaces have been seen on celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, and Jessica Biel, while the key to my heart necklace has also been seen on such stars like Jennifer Aniston. So you know right away that this is a trend that you don't want to miss!

The key to my heart jewelry style is a great idea for a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, or an anniversary gift. Select a pair of heart shaped earrings and a gorgeous cubic zirconia tennis bracelet to match any of the cz key to my heart necklaces.