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Murano Glass Jewelry

Eve's Addiction is proud to present our line of Murano Glass Jewelry & Venetian Glass Jewelry. You don't need to travel all the way to Italy to enjoy a beautiful piece of glass jewelry at an affordable price! We have many styles of Murano Glass Jewelry available. If you are looking for a beautiful and unique gift, a Murano Glass Necklace would be the perfect choice. Our Murano Glass Pendants are handmade and are available on colorful silk ribbons and cords. Besides from being stylish and popular, Murano Glass Jewelry is an up and coming trend this season.

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Murano Glass Jewelry

Few jewelry pieces are as vibrantly colored as the glass jewelry in our Murano Glass Jewelry collection. Murano jewelry is known for its brilliant and brightly colored glass designs, whether in dangling Murano glass earrings, beautifully ornate Murano glass rings, or a well-crafted Murano glass pendant on a ribbon. EvesAddiction.com is proud to offer many styles of Murano glass jewelry including Murano glass pendants and Murano glass necklaces, Murano glass earrings, Murano glass rings, Murano glass bracelets and more.

Murano glass jewelry, also called Venetian glass jewelry, has an interesting history. In the 13th century glassmakers in the Venetian Republic were ordered to move their glass jewelry production center to Murano, making it known as the forefront city for glass jewelry craftsmanship. Venetian glass jewelry makers lived luxurious lives as aristocratic members of society in Murano thanks to their reputation for fine craftsmanship of beautiful glass jewelry. In today's world, Murano is the home of the Museo Vetrario, or glass museum, where the history of Murano glass jewelry and Venetian glass jewelry is on display along with samples of glass jewelry from throughout history.

At EvesAddiction.com we offer only the finest quality Murano jewelry, Venetian glass jewelry, blown glass jewelry and Italian glass jewelry. Our Murano glass heart pendants and Murano glass starfish pendants are some of our most popular glass jewelry products. Glass necklaces and glass pendants look beautiful when paired with dangling millefiori style Murano glass earrings or a richly colored Murano glass bracelet. Find your favorite color in our collection of modern style Murano glass rings. Whichever piece of Murano glass jewelry or Venetian glass jewelry you choose, you're sure to be stylish when you accessorize with Murano jewelry, Venetian jewelry, Murano glass necklaces, Murano glass pendants, Murano glass bracelets, Murano glass rings, and Murano glass earrings from EvesAddiction.com!