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Holiday Charms

If you're looking for a special holiday bead to commemorate a special day look no further than Oriana beads! Our collection of themed beads is calling your name. With styles for Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and many more, you'll never need to look for another place for simple holiday gifts!

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From Santa, to snowflakes, to a shamrock, to a pumpkin you'll find a bead perfect for the upcoming holiday! Holiday beads come in a variety of styles - rhodium, enamel, gold and two-tone. So, whether you're looking to give just one bead, or to create a whole new holiday bead bracelet, you won't be disappointed.

Christmas beads come in barrel beads, and even a few dangles, as do Valentine's Day beads. Our love style beads also make great anniversary gifts.We have a cupid bead and angel bead, and a number of heart beads. We have religious beads great for Easter, Communion, or even Christmas. If a holiday bead isn't all that you're looking for, try some of our animal beads, or our beads with stones to add more sparkle to your bead bracelet!