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Gift Giving Guide

It’s easy to decide to get a silver jewelry gift for someone special in your life; however, it may not be so easy as to deciding what sterling silver gift to give. The dreaded question that you always ask yourself pops up, “What if they don’t like it?”

Three quarters of a sterling silver jewelry gift is just the thought itself so don’t beat yourself up if you feel hopeless about guessing what they want. In order to help you get a little closer to the perfect silver gift, we’ve compiled a few guidelines that you can use to help make your gift of sterling silver jewelry that much more special and appreciated as well as sure to give you those extra thoughtful bonus points.

When deciding on a sterling silver jewelry gift, you need to narrow the list of possibilities down to what sterling silver accessory you want to get them. The main sterling silver jewelry categories are sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver rings, sterling silver earrings, and sterling silver bracelets. You need to ask yourself what sterling silver jewelry that they usually wear. They might always be wearing a pair of sterling silver earrings or a sterling silver necklace and may not ever wear a sterling silver bracelet that you can remember. They probably have their own reason for not wearing that particular sterling silver jewelry item as it might be uncomfortable. Always remember that they might have a lot of silver rings or other silver jewelry that they just don’t wear anymore for one reason or another so it’s always good to go with what they do wear everyday.

Once you’ve narrowed down to what silver jewelry accessory you’re going to get them, whether it be a silver bracelet, sterling silver ring, sterling silver necklace, or sterling silver earrings. You now need to narrow down what kind style of sterling silver jewelry they would appreciate the most. Sterling silver earrings range from simple stud earrings to grand sterling silver chandelier earrings with cubic zirconia. In sterling silver jewelry, bigger may not always be better. Though you might want to get them the most expensive thing as they mean that much to you, they might have to pull one of those, “Awwwww, You shouldn’t have!” And actually mean it. Once again it comes down to seeing what they usually wear for sterling silver jewelry.

If they always wear a pair of sterling silver stud earrings, a pair of sterling silver chandeliers will probably hurt their ears or visa versa. Earrings come in a variety of styles as well as plain sterling silver and cubic zirconia (CZ) earrings. If the sterling silver earrings that your special someone wears have a lot of sparkle, CZ (cubic zirconia) earrings are a great gift as they always look fantastic. Some people, however, have an aversion to CZs and prefer just pure sterling silver. Though if you just don’t know, go for a sterling silver Tiffany inspired style such as the open heart earrings as they’re always a classy gift that anyone can appreciate. Also consider getting some sterling silver earrings that are either their birthstone or their favorite color.

Sterling silver bracelets also come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. From sterling silver cuffs wide and thin, to single and multi charm sterling silver bracelets to sparkling and dazzling tennis bracelets. Single sterling silver charm bracelets like the dragonfly bracelet are usually safe territory as they’re usually always comfortable to wear and hold a lot of sentimental value. However, if they prefer the more tangible bracelet, a sterling silver cuff that’s easy to take on and off might suit them better or a tennis bracelet that just looks impressive. (Note) **Just because it looks big and shiny doesn’t mean they’ll like it.** Once again, the ones that just don’t know should look at some of our Tiffany Inspired bracelets as they’re the most popular and look fantastic.

First thing you should decide on is the length of a sterling silver necklace for the one you care about. All our sterling silver necklace pages have a sizing chart based on an average body build. 16 inches is the average length that fits most women. 18 inches lets the sterling silver necklace hang down a little lower and also helps it be a little comfortable on other women. A 20 inch chain is also available if that person has even more to love. Once you determine the length, you can pick from a wide variety of styles and colors. If they wear a sterling silver necklace, take note to see if it’s pure sterling silver or has diamond cubic zirconias. See if it’s a large or small charm as well as looks light or heavy. As always, a sterling silver Tiffany inspired floating heart necklace is a nice choice if you simply have no clue as anyone can appreciate the style. There's also designer inspired necklaces if they like fashion and want to feel like a celebrity.

Sterling silver rings are a little harder as you need to know their ring size. If you want to have the gift be a surprise, you might find yourself a little daunted by the task as just asking them out of the blue for their ring size will give them a good hint of what’s coming. However, they might enjoy the suspense a little more if they know you’re thinking about them, but for those a little more crafty at heart, there’s other things you can do. One is to sneak a ring from their jewelry box that you’ve seen them wear before. Take it to a jeweler quickly so you don’t get caught with it and they will tell you the size. Don’t take their favorite ring as they might start saying things about being robbed and put you in an awkward position. If you must, just ask! It’s not the end of the world if they know you’re getting them a gift. However, we do off a return and exchange policy where you can always just return it for the correct size easily and quickly. Size 7 is the normal standard for womens rings and then go from there if their hands are more petite or larger.
Once you have the size, now comes the choice in style and color of the ring. Sterling silver rings range from simple bands to large shiny gemstones. You preferably want to get something a little less spectacular as a large sterling silver ring might be uncomfortable to wear and might come off as gaudy to whomever you’re giving it to. Once again it comes to observing what they usually wear and picking a sterling silver style similar. That fact that it comes from you will make it that much more special to them. For those that still have no clue, a sterling silver tiffany inspired ring is your best bet as you can almost close your eyes and pick one and have it be a very decent gift.

Other Gifts:
Depending on your relationship with the person, there’s also a different variety of sterling silver jewelry you can buy. We carry sterling silver Friendship bracelets with special words on them that might hold some significance with that special someone such as “Mother” “Sister” and “Friend” as well as a variety of other ones. We have a category of sterling silver friendship and sterling silver commitment rings that might make a nice addition to shared sterling silver jewelry.

Thoughtful thoughts:
For those of you that really want to hit the right spot with your sterling silver gift, it requires some thought (hence thoughtful gifts). Think back to the most special and memorable moment that you can remember with the special person. Was there any special image or feeling that was associated with the occasion? Such as a heart, a dragonfly, a feather, a word or an emotion? If you have a favorite saying, engraving that message on the inside of a ring will always get you the maximum amount of effect as well and making it extremely personalized.
Presentation will also have a big effect on the gift. Our jewelry comes in a free gift box and pouch that add to the effect on seeing the piece of jewelry for the first time. Though I would advise not just handing them the package when you get it in the mail with a sort of “Here you go,” sort of saying. Make a special moment that doesn’t have to be too spectacular. A nice sit down restaurant is all you need to create the right atmosphere. Talk of times past and how the good ol’ days were. Once you have them reminiscing, pull out the gift and give it to them. They’re sure to remember the gift for a long time and you’ll feel wonderful about it too

So now that you’re all set with the knowledge on how to give a good gift, start now by browsing our fantastic sterling silver jewelry collection now with the confidence that they’ll love the quality of our sterling silver jewelry.