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Hoop Earrings

One of the most classic earring styles are hoop earrings, and no jewelry collection is complete without at least one pair! Whether you're looking for a simple silver hoop earrings, or a pair of hoops with a little more pizzazz and character of cubic zirconia, you'll find at least one pair that's just what you're looking for. So dig in, and we're sure you'll find more than one pair that you love.

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Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have been popular almost since people started piercing their ears. Hoop earrings provide a much different look than studs or dangling earrings, and are preferred by many people. Hoop earrings come in a standard circular style, but also are available in more styles, such as star shaped hoop earrings and heart shaped hoops.

With these styles of hoop earrings, the shape is seen when the wearer turns their head, and are quite popular. Other details that are quite popular with hoop earrings are the addition of sparkling cubic zirconia, or charms such as heart hoop earrings. These can be embedded in the hoop earring itself, or simply laced onto the hoop.

Styles of hoop earrings also range from a post hoop, to a continuous hoop. This refers to the way the hoop earring looks from the side, and slips into your ear. A post hoop earring has a post, similar to a stud earring, which includes a backing or notched clamp. A continuous hoop earring is slightly different. It features a section only slightly smaller than the rest of the hoop, which slips into the ear, and then back into the hoop, creating a seemingly endless circle.

No matter the style of hoop earrings you're looking for, at Eve's Addiction there are plenty of styles to choose from. Whether you would like a large hoop earring, or a small hoop, plain silver hoop earring, or cubic zirconia hoop earrings, you'll find the hoops you're looking for. Remember, no jewelry wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of hoop earrings!