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Disney Jewelry

Enjoy the world of magic with licensed Disney Jewelry! Eve's Addiction is proud to offer the beautiful styles of Disney's fine jewelry collection in high quality sterling silver. Enjoy the delight of Mickey Mouse earrings and Winnie the Pooh necklace. Better yet, believe in the magic that a sterling silver Tinkerbell Pendant with matching fairy earrings or a Pigglet Necklace can bring to any woman or young girl! The world of Disney is loved by all which is why we offer all your favorite characters, including Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Tigger and more, in beautiful silver jewelry fashion. All Disney jewelry is packaged in its own official Disney packaging, so shop today!

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Disney Silver Jewelry

Discover the magic of Disney with Eve's Addiction's new line of officially licensed Disney Jewelry. In this silver jewelry collection, you will find an assortment of your favorite Disney characters fashioned into a stylish pair of silver Disney earrings, silver Disney necklaces and more! Have fun with a joyous bouncing Tigger necklace or Winnie the Pooh Earrings with a matching Pooh Bear Necklace. You'll also find other characters of the Hundred Acre Wood like the silver Piglet necklace! Or get whisked away to Never Neverland by a silver Tinkerbell pendant and matching silver Tinkerbell earrings.

If you know a little girl or playful woman who loves all the Disney princesses, then you are sure to find the perfect gift with the silver Princess necklaces, including the silver Cinderella Pendant, Ariel Necklace, Belle from Beauty and the Beast necklace, Snow White necklace and more! All crafted in sterling silver, each princess sits in a heart shape charm and is expertly detailed to look exactly like each character.

We have all been captivated by the world of Walt Disney for generations, so why not celebrate the world of imagination with a finely crafted Disney necklace or set of Disney style earrings. All products are licensed with Disney and are shipped with official Disney packaging.