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Black Hills Gold Pendants

Black Hills Gold Necklaces by Coleman are a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. During hard times, it's always comforting to feel close to the ones we love, and Black Hills Gold necklaces are the perfect way to keep them close to your heart! Many of our Black Hills Gold necklaces can be personalized with custom birthstones of your choice to make an extra special keepsake. Mother's necklaces can include birthstones of children, or custom birthstone family necklaces will keep even the most distant of relations close. Don't miss out on a chance to own one of these stunningly unique pieces of Black Hills Gold jewelry.

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Black Hills Gold Necklaces & Pendants

According to an age old legend, a French goldsmith named Henri LeBeau became lost during the great gold rush of the 1870s in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He fell asleep believing he was dying of thirst and starvation. During a dream, he saw a mountain stream with grapevines growing on its banks. After he woke up, he walked over a rise and found the stream and grapevines just as he had in his dream and, out of gratitude, dedicated his life and talents to creating jewelry in the shapes of grape clusters and leaves fashioned in rose, green and yellow gold.