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Rose gold jewelry is taking over and is a must have addition to your jewelry collection. You will not be disappointed in our growing collection of rose gold jewelry, including some of our most popular styles such as - the Rose Gold Vermeil Large Custom Monogram Necklace, the Tiffany Style Rose Gold Heart Tag Necklace and Tiffany Style Rose Gold Heart Tag Bracelet, and our Rose Gold Sideways Cross necklaces and Rose Gold Vermeil CZ Sideways Cross Bracelet. We have also added many engravable rose gold jewelry rings to our collection, perfect for a personal piece that can be cherished for a lifetime. Get the look you'll love for less, that can be worn for any occasion, with Eve's Addiction's Rose Gold Jewelry Collection!

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About Rose Gold

Rose gold is gold with a pink or red tint to it, giving it somewhat of a blush hue. Rose gold is created by simply mixing pure gold with a high percentage of copper and decreasing the number of silver-colored alloys that go into the metal. When different levels of copper are mixed with the yellow gold, it doesn’t affect the gold’s value, it just makes it slightly pinker in color to satisfy the desires of people looking to stray from the ordinary gold color and gain something new and unique. Rose gold has made a comeback, recently, in the fashion world, where everyone is dying to get their hands on rose gold jewelry trends.

History of Rose Gold

In the early 1900s jewelry makers were desperate to come up with a more solid and durable form of gold. When they mixed gold with copper, it turned a pinkish red color, rose gold, and proved to be much more durable than the pure yellow gold. The alloy mixed formula, is now used commonly to create rose gold jewelry trends, such as engravable rose gold jewelry rings. The rose gold style has also been referred to as pink or red gold. This colored gold was extremely popular in the early 1900s and has started to make a comeback now, in the 21st century.

How to Wear Rose Gold

Because our rose gold jewelry trends have a blush hue, creating a pinkish-red look, it can compliment any kind of metal. Rose gold is a great choice because it can be worn with both your gold and silver jewelry for the perfect match. Try matching our engravable rose gold jewelry rings with your favorite gold or silver necklace for a look you will love!